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This Cross Agency Priority (CAP) Goal has been refreshed and renamed Frictionless Acquisition.

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We must reduce the costly lag between when our customers identify needs and when they receive solutions. Michael Wooten, Goal Leader
Photo of Michael Wooten

Goal Leader:
Michael Wooten

Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy, Office of Management and Budget

Photo of Soraya Correa

Goal Leader:
Soraya Correa

Senior Procurement Executive, Department of Homeland Security

Goal Leader:
Barry Berkowitz

Senior Procurement Executive, Department of Commerce

Download the latest Action Plan and Progress Update


❝We must reduce the costly lag between when our customers identify needs and when they receive solutions.❞

  • The Federal Government will deliver commercial items at the same speed as the market place & manage customers’ delivery expectations for acquisitions of non-commercial items by breaking down barriers to entry using modern business practices and technologies.
  • Agencies face challenges in meeting their customers’ cost, schedule, and performance expectation:

    • The acquisition culture remains captive to norms and rules that reward compliance and risk avoidance over good business judgment and positive customer experience as agencies address their mission needs and work with each other to solve national problems.
    • Efforts center on creating a perfect contract, rather than a trusted partnership with shared common values.
    • Agencies gather billions of data points that are difficult to use, instead of exploiting disruptive technologies to promote cost-effective self-service analytics & allow acquisition professionals to pursue higher value activities.
    • Metrics often drive stakeholders to think of acquisition as a mechanical activity, rather than as a value-enhancing platform or conduit for effective accomplishment of critical mission outcomes.
    • Major acquisitions experience shortfalls because program management is undervalued.
  • Agencies will leverage advanced technology & best commercial & public sector practices to support a transformed acquisition environment where, by 2025:
    • 90% of routine, non-major acquisitions and 80% of complex major acquisitions are completed in a time frame and comparable to private sector averages or benchmarks of leading state and local governments, or federal agencies;
    • The number of unique businesses receiving federal prime contracting dollars has increased by 15%;
    • The number of new entrant small businesses has increased by 30%;
    • 80% of customers & other internal and external stakeholders rate delivered service and experience with the acquisition process as above average or better; and
    • 75% of acquisition employees feel empowered and enabled to innovate on behalf of the taxpayers they serve.


January 07, 2021

January 2021 Updates Show Progress on Cross-Agency Priority and Agency Priority Goals

Today, we published progress updates for both Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goals and Agency Priority Goals (APGs) for the final quarter of FY2020. These updates highlight recent milestones and accomplishments as well as related initiatives that support progress towards a more modern and effective government.

September 17, 2020

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