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Real Property Metrics

The Federal Real Property Council (FRPC) is publishing a set of fiscal year 2019 real property metrics for Federal agencies. The The Federal Property Management Reform Act of 2016 requires that real property performance metrics be established. In addition, in the Office of Management and Budget M-20-10, Issuance of an Addendum to the National Strategy for the Efficient Use of Real Property, Action 6 states that the government will establish and publish accountable annual performance metrics for all agencies. The FRPC has established a set of six real property metric categories:

Within each category there can be multiple metrics for each CFO act agency. To access the real property metrics category, click one of the red buttons below to reveal a description of the category and visualization.

The Metrics

Operating and Maintenance Costs per Square Foot Rent Costs per Square Foot Reduce the Footprint Condition Index Tenant Satisfaction Scores Square Feet per Person