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Key Partners is a window into Federal agencies’ efforts to deliver a smarter, leaner, and more effective government in many areas that that will require us to operate as one Federal enterprise. Below are some key partners in that work.

Office of Management and Budget

The Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) mission is to assist the President in meeting their policy, budget, management and regulatory objectives and to fulfill the agency’s statutory responsibilities. Find out more about OMB.

Performance Improvement Council

The Performance Improvement Council (PIC) is the heartbeat of government performance management. The PIC shares best practices and builds capacity across the federal government to help agencies set, plan and achieve priorities for the American Public. Find out more about PIC.

Office of Shared Solutions and Performance Improvement

The Office of Shared Solutions and Performance Improvement (OSSPI), which sits within the General Services Administration, focuses on helping agencies and OMB drive critical government-wide management priorities. The team also supports the federal interagency management councils, increasing their effectiveness in solving challenges across agencies. Find out more about the CIO Council, CFO Council, CHCO Council, CAO Council, and Federal Privacy Council.

White House Leadership Development Program

The White House Leadership Development Program (WHLDP) provides an opportunity for high-performing GS-15 federal employees employees to work on high priority Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goals. Every year a new cohort of fellows is selected through a highly competitive process. The experience Fellows gain through these rotational assignments builds the skillsets and networks that leaders need in order to deliver results for the American public. Find out more about WHLDP.

CXO Fellows Program

The CXO Fellowship program is dedicated to providing enriching professional development opportunities for the next generation of federal leaders in the acquisitions, finance, human capital, and information technology fields. The year long program provides an opportunity for Fellows to grow professionally through a unique set of educational seminars and events. Find out more about the CXO Fellowship program.