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NEW: Federal Customer Experience Blog


We’re excited to introduce the Federal Customer Experience (CX) Blog! The CX Blog on features the latest news on federal efforts to improve services for citizens.

Check out the latest posts to learn more about efforts to modernize and streamline customer experience across government!

January 15, 2021: What Have We Learned from Federal customers in FY20?

The CX Team launched a survey to solicit feedback from the public on how to improve agency services. The team has received 2M+ responses so far and plans to use this data to inform agency CX operations.

January 13, 2021: Amplify 2020: Developing Customer Understanding During a Pandemic

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Amplify Training Program successfully launched in June 2020 with nine federal agencies, including six High Impact Service Providers (HISP) participating in a three-month customer experience development program. The program focused on training HISP teams to properly investigate existing administrative data and conduct new qualitative research.

January 8, 2021: Reflection on Federal Customer Experience Efforts in FY20

2020 was a big year for Customer Experience! The CX Team reflects on the progress made in 2020, including new capabilities for the government’s 25 High Impact Service Providers and new initiatives and programs such as the Customer Experience Hiring Pilot, Amplify Training Program, and more!

The blog will continue to feature projects and pilots that make government better.