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Performance Framework

Cross-Agency Priority Goals

Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goals are a tool used by leadership to accelerate progress on a limited number of Presidential priority areas where implementation requires active collaboration among multiple agencies. Long-term in nature, CAP Goals drive cross-government collaboration to tackle government-wide management challenges affecting most agencies. As a subset of Presidential priorities, CAP Goals are used to implement the President’s Management Agenda and are complemented by other cross-agency coordination and goal-setting efforts. CAP Goals are updated or revised every four years with each Presidential Administration’s term.

When CAP goals have achieved a level of maturity and implementation that enables those teams to (a) demonstrate and scale the impact and (b) institutionalize these reforms, it becomes appropriate to refocus their activities from planning toward demonstrating results. As such, these goals will continue to be tracked on, but reporting will shift from detailed milestones and action planning to reporting on implementation outcomes. The re-categorization of these goals will be noted on each CAP goal page.

Click here to learn more about the President’s Management Agenda and current set of CAP Goals established in the President's FY 2019 Budget.